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                Executive Desk Series
                Conference Table Series
                Screen Series
                Desk Series
                Document Cabinet Series
                Sofa&tea Table Series
                Chair Series
                Teaching Equipment Series
                Toilet Partition Series



                Shenzhen Jun Mei Furniture Co.,Ltd. Company is a professional furniture manufacturer.  We have many advanced equipments which were imported from foreign countries suchas: Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan etc.; we have also many professional and technical talents engaged in the design, manufacture, installation, management, and other areas of furniture.  We can design and develop fashionable and practical generosity ofassorted office furniture. Our main products are : Da ban table, Meeting table, Big counters series, the staff desk with Plastic, a series of filing cabinets, swivel chairs Series, sofas Series, screens series and specialized teaching hospitals, courts and otherestablishments offering exclusive furniture; We can also design and manufacture specialty display cabinets for the brand image shop.

                Since the establishment of Jun Mei, we have won much recognition of our customers with the joint efforts of all staff in the process forging ahead. We are always pursuit the faith "high quality, high credibility". We actively implement ISO 9001 : 2000 international quality management systems and ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System and got the certification to service our customer better. We will consistently make efforts to provide our customers with more professional design,more perfect experience in the production and more stringent quality control. We will also use better quality materials to provide our customers with more choices.

                Telú║0755-86150322 13923791801 13603010379  Contactú║Ms.Chen